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Taiwan's mangoes

By Julia Janicki, Jane Guan & Daisy Chung

Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in Taiwan, though they're not actually native to the island. Dutch settlers introduced the first mango tree in the 17th century. After World War II, the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute imported additional mango varieties from the U.S. Hoping to improve them, innovative Taiwanese farmers and horticulturists created hybrids. There is a huge number of mango varieties in Taiwan, here we highlight 23! How many of them have you tried?

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Sugar content is measured by Degrees Brix (1 °Bx=1g of sucrose in 100g of solution)

Research, data, dev, viz exploration: Julia Janicki
3D graphics/illustration: Jane Guan
Design/text: Daisy Chung
Additional editing/writing: Joyce Chou & Ivy Chen & Tzuyu Huang
Sources: Too many, email Julia to get the list
This is part of 2022 #30DayCharChallenge Relationships: 3D