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Published on July 21

Bubble tea interactive visualization write-up

By Daisy Chung

Part 1. Background research & ideation

1.1 Goal & Target audience

This is the first project to kick of our “Taiwan data stories” series. We chose bubble tea as our first topic in hopes of using a relatable topic as a friendly stepping stone for more in-depth topics we want to explore in the future.

1.2 What are some initial ideas

We explored many possibilities of what to focus on in terms of topic, such as the controversial origin of the bubble tea, trends in popularity over time, or the density of bubble tea stores across Taiwan, but nothing really felt that original. Then we realized what’s most interesting for us is the limitless customizations possible given the diverse ingredients and drinks, and that there are countless more flavors and toppings in Taiwan than we ever see abroad. This made us curious: exactly how many unique boba drinks are there in Taiwan?

1.3 What would be our tools?

→ Javascript, more specifically d3 for the interactive visualization  (By Julia Janicki)

→ Hand-drawn every bubble tea drink using procreate (By Daisy Chung)

→ Paper/pencil sketching Adobe XD for the interface design (By Daisy Chung)

Part 2. Data cleaning / exploration

2.1 Data collection / data sources

For the data we selected the top five most popular drink stores in Taiwan as of Feb 2021, based on data from data66 who used Google Trends data. These shops include Kebuke, 50 arashi, Ching-Shin Fu-Chuan, Milk Shop, and Ching Yuan. We then collected all the most updated menus.